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The History of Christian Zionism in Post-Luther, Pre-Darby Britain 1550-1850

There are two definitions to be grasped at the outset of this essay. “Zionism” and “Christian Zionism”. Zionism is simply the belief that the Jewish people have been given the land of Israel by covenant promise to God and have a current right to occupy that land. Christian Zionists are Christians who agree with this […]

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The Anti-Semitism of Martin Luther

Towards the end of his life, Martin Luther espoused vehement views towards the Jews in his writing and sermons. His most famous of anti-Semitic written works was On The Jews and Their Lies (1543), where Luther refers to the Jews as, “an incorrigible whore and an evil slut”,[1] “the multitude of the whoring and murderous […]

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Yeah, But I Just Don’t Get That ‘Israel’ Thing

One of the most common things I hear when it comes to discussing God’s plan and purpose for Israel is, “Yeah, but I just don’t get that ‘Israel’ thing”. Considering the amount of silence in the church regarding teaching on modern day Israel, it is quite understandable that so many Christians fail to grasp the essential truths […]

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